Chantal Lamar

 Hi, I'm Chantal Lamar, Your Personal Bookkeeper.

I hold an MBA in Accounting from Capella University, and I have a flair for the creative side. While working for a local municipality, I became a licensed cosmetologist (GA & MD) to pursue my love for hair styling.

My passion has always been cosmetology, the art, and science of beautifying hair, and I got great satisfaction when clients looked in the mirror with that twinkle in their eyes and a new sense of confidence. As a small business owner, I quickly learned that no one is limited to their job description when contributing to a company's growth. I wore many hats, and performing bookkeeping duties for my business allowed me to see firsthand how time-consuming this portion of entrepreneurship can be.

While on maternity leave, I asked myself questions new parents often wonder: How do I adjust my finances for my growing family? What type of legacy am I going to leave my boys? What does retirement look like on this route? These questions sparked a deep and lasting interest in freelance work. I decided to offer bookkeeping services to other small business owners like myself, and at that moment, The Champion's Bookkeeping Services was born. All pun intended!

Fun fact: The Champions Bookkeeping Services was named after the newest addition to our family: Champion!

My goal is to provide small business owners with the insight they need to make informed financial decisions. My services include reviewing business processes, bank reconciliation, account management, and income and sales tax preparation for federal and state agencies, which is 100% required by law. 

Are you looking to grow your business? Take the pressure off of yourself. My budget and forecast preparation services can aid future financial plans and help determine bank lending limits.

You deserve a bookkeeper with real-world experience that can help you gain hours of your time back. Set your business up for success and schedule a 15-minute consultation below.

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